Since 1971

The Association « Friends of the Condé Museum, Château of Chantilly » was founded on 30th April, 1971.

It was legally recognised as an « organisation d’utilité publique » on 8th April, 1986 and its registered office is based at the Château of Chantilly.

The Association has over 2,300 members and is the Museum’s most important patron for the works of art.

Our association contributes an average annual sum of €150,000 towards the restoration of the collections and the interior decorations of the Château.

Our aims

Restore, acquire, publish…

  • Participation in the restoration of the Museum’s collections.
  • Acquisition of works of art and historical documents.
  • Publication of « Le Musée Condé », a yearly magazine on the museum's collections.
  • Organising visits, lectures and trips related to the museum’s collections.
Join us !


The Association is administered by a Board of Directors consisting of 15, 18 or 21 members. The Board is elected for six years at the Annual General Assembly (AGM). A third of the Board is renewed every two years.

Candidates must have a minimum age of 18 years. The Board elects, by secret ballot from amongst its members, a Committee made up of a President, one or two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary-General, a Deputy Secretary-General, a Treasurer and a Deputy Treasurer.

The Association’s General Assembly is made up of all categories of the membership of the Association.

It meets at least once a year and also when called by the Board of Directors or at the request of at least a quarter of its Directors.

The Board meets every six months and also when called by its President or a the request of at least a quarter of its Directors.

The Committee is elected for 2 years, following the election of the Board of Directors.

The General Assembly approves the Board of Directors’ management report on the financial situation of the Association as well as all other reports relating to the activities of the Association; it approves the previous year’s financial accounts, the choice of new members of the Board of Directors, votes the following year’s budget, and deliberates on matters arising.

The annual report and accounts are sent out by email (or sent by post on request) 15 days prior to the AGM.